I'm calling this "well-seasoned updates” to loosely refer to the fact that it will contain some spicy takes and that I aim to send it out roughly “seasonally,” though I haven’t quite decided how I’m defining “seasons.”

This newsletter is as much about collecting the things that influence me as processing and sharing my work; attempting a different—more honest, more contemplative, more timely—form of citation, perhaps. It's about acknowledging the works that shape me as they shape me, the notes I'm scribbling as I go, the questions too young to have answers, rather than only sharing them when I publish something that requires a bibliography or when I feel like I've "figured it all out."

Plus, my mom keeps asking what I'm working on, so: This is for you, mom.

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I'm not quite sure what this'll be, besides a place to send missives from my brain to the people I want to stay in touch with and hope want to stay in touch with me. I'll probably write about process, what I'm working on, what I'm consumed by, etc.


Lauren Williams (she/her) is a Detroit-based designer who works with visual and interactive media to understand, critique, and reimagine the ways social and economic systems distribute and exercise power.